Application of infrared heating tube in plastic welding and riveting

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Omega infrared heating tube is very suitable for plastic welding and riveting. It is also an ideal process for bending pipes and stretching plastic or glass fibers。


Infrared heating tube can transfer a lot of energy and accurately match the product material and shape. It is an ideal heating tool. Under different heating temperatures, the infrared emitter in the infrared heating tube shows different radiation characteristics in different wavelength ranges. Heating plastics usually use medium wave radiation (2-4um), which is mostly absorbed by the surface, that is, the main heating surface. The shape of these infrared heating tubes matches the shape of the heated product. It is often used for plastic welding and deburring. The infrared heating tube is shaped according to the outline with burrs on the plastic parts, heated by non-contact method, and the burrs are melted off within a few seconds. In addition, the infrared heating tube is shaped according to the contour of the welding rib and melts the welding area in more than ten seconds.


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