(1) What information do you need for quotation?

Watt&Volt(a must), length&diameter (optional, can be suggested by our engineers), Flange size, quantity&other specific requirements.

(2) Can you make as per to my requirements?

Of course, all the Infrared heat lamps(tube) can be customized.

(3) What is the price for this product?

On the basis of different material, dimension, quantity, we offer different price. Please directly contact us ( aslon@hoinfrared.com ) to get a quote.

(4) How long does it take to manufature?

Normally it takes 7-15 days for customized order.

(5) What shipping options do you have?

FedEx, DHL,UPS, TNT, Aramex, Air&Sea Shipping available

(6) Do you provide samples?

Yes, and the sample cost will be refunded when the initial order is issued.

(7) MOQ


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