Infrared Heat Lamps

Infrared heating lamps
Infrared heating lamps are used in many industrial heating processes, including coating drying and curing, forming, embossing, laminating, connecting, welding, browning, heating, preheating and microbial reduction.


- Infrared radiation does not need to contact products, nor does it need to transfer media;
- The infrared heating tube can be accurately matched with the heated material, that is, it is effectively absorbed by the material;
- Fast response time, able to control heat output;
- It can heat the material locally or completely, control the heating area and control the heating time.

All materials absorb a portion of the infrared spectrum, reflect a portion on the surface, and allow a portion of the radiation to pass through the material. By selecting a heating tube with appropriate spectrum, the material can absorb infrared radiation to the greatest extent and convert it into heat.

Quartz glass infrared heating tubes are often proved to be superior to traditional heat sources, such as warm air, steam, ceramic, gas or metal emitters. Because the infrared heating tube can transfer a large amount of energy and accurately match the product material and shape, it is an ideal heating tool.

the infrared lamp reflect
the infrared lamp reflect

How to correctly select infrared heating lamp?

If the temperature of a short wave infrared heating tube is greatly reduced, the infrared energy of the middle wave band will be greatly increased. However, the output power of the short wave heating tube will be greatly reduced and the economy will be lost. Therefore, for the application of medium wave heating, only the medium wave infrared heating tube can be used, and its output power can be increased by five times at the same temperature.

Plastics such as PE and PVC have good absorption effect on medium wave infrared energy
With medium wave infrared, water evaporates faster, because in this band, water absorbs infrared well.

the infrared lamp reflect
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