500w~2000 W SK15 Infrared (IR) Heat Lamp Gold infrared lamps

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Gold infrared lamps reduce the glare of the light output as much as possible even more than the ruby lamp range. They can be supplied in a range of lengths from 162 - 280mm. These lamps are simple, effective, reliable,and economical to run.

The most common lengths and wattages are listed below, please tell us (Email:alson@hoinfrared.com) should you require a different length.

Product Specification

Various parameters
can be customized


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The revolutionary HS HeLeN lamps are based on HS'world-leading technology to meet the specific demands of zone heating and other applications that require low glare. These tubular halogen lamps offer numerous important benefits.
on the normal electric mains supply.And they are highly energy-efficient:because they convert virtually all the electrical power into heat, hardly any energy is wasted.They can be switched on and off instantly, so they can be used whenever and wherever they are needed.

Their instant response means heat is delivering fast, so people feel warm in seconds.These lamps heat people, no the air, and are controlled at the flick a switch. HeLeN heat lamps ha all the flexibility, economy and energy efficiency of a modern heating system There are no emissions, no flammable contents and no fuel storage problem They do not disturb or deposit dust, helping to keep a clean environment.

· Comfortable heating all year round
· Instant heat when you need it
· High efficiency
· As flexible as your needs
· Clean and safe
· Low maintenance


·Outdoor zone heating, restaurant and café terraces and other outdoor seating ·Space heating in factories, sports halls, exhibition halls, work areas,churches, large halls, warehouses,storage areas, garages,greenhouses, open-air applications, stadiums, camp sites,de-icing and many more
HeLeN Zone heating lamps for comfort and direct heat
· No preheating means effective,energy-efficient heating
·Easy-to-install, instant heating
·Dimmable for heat that matchesyour needs
·Direct heat – warms people,not the air
·Doesn’t take up space on your tables 
·No emissions or noise


SpecFig #Cap/BaseTotal Lamp Length (C)Heating Length (W)
HS15018U120V 500W2U224.0127.011.0GOLDHorizontal
HS15011Z235V 500W1SK15227.5162.011.0GOLDHorizontal
HS15016Z235V 500W1SK15355.0280.011.0GOLDHorizontal
HS15024Z120V 1000W1SK15355.0280.011.0GOLDHorizontal
HS15007Z235V 1000W1SK15355.0280.011.0GOLDHorizontal
HS15008X235V 1000W3X370.0280.011.0GOLDHorizontal
HS15009Z235V 1000W1SK15355.0280.011.0GOLDUniversal
HS15019Z235V 1000W1SK15355.0280.011.0GOLDHorizontal
HS15019U235V 1000W2U346.0280.011.0GOLDHorizontal
HS15007CF235V 1000W4CLICFIT359.0280.011.0GOLDHorizontal
HS15009CF235V 1000W4CLICFIT359.0280.011.0GOLDUniversal
HS15014Z240V 1000W1SK15531.0440.011.0GOLDUniversal
HS15015Z120V 1500W1SK15355.0280.011.0GOLDHorizontal
HS15004Z235V 1500W1SK15355.0280.011.0GOLDHorizontal
HS15034Z235V 1500W1SK15355.0280.011.0GOLDUniversal
HS15034CF235V 1500W4CLICFIT359.0280.011.0GOLDUniversal
HS15004CF235V 1500W4CLICFIT359.0280.011.0GOLDHorizontal
HS15010Z240V 1500W1SK15355.0280.011.0GOLDHorizontal
HS15005Z235V 2000W1SK15355.0280.011.0GOLDHorizontal
HS15021Z235V 2000W1SK15355.0280.011.0GOLDUniversal
HS15023Z235V 2000W1SK15355.0280.011.0GOLDHorizontal
235V 2000W
HS15021CF235V 2000W4CLICFIT359.0280.011.0GOLDHorizontal
HS15012U235V 3000W2U503.0423.011.0GOLDHorizontal


1. Components are allowed to work under the following conditions:
A. The relative humidity of the air is not more than 95 percent.
B. There is no flammable, explosive, corrosive gas and conductive dust in the surrounding environment.
C. Without violent impact and vibration;
D. The working voltage should not be greater than 1.1 times the rated value, and it can also be effectively grounded.
E. Insulation resistance ≥ 1MΩ Dielectric strength: 2KV/1min.
2. The electric heating pipe should be well positioned and fixed. The electric heating pipe is generally equipped with corresponding metal pipe clamps and ceramic pipe clamps according to the porcelain seats at both ends.
When the operating temperature exceeds 200 degrees Celsius, a high-temperature wire and screw connection that withstands 400 degrees or more is used.
3.Insulating material of infrared electric heating tube The quartz glass is a brittle material. When installing and using it, it should be safe and use it according to the specific conditions of the heated object.
Take necessary protective measures to avoid mechanical damage

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