Carbon Heating Lamp

Quartz glass infrared heating tubes are often proved to be superior to traditional heat sources, such as warm air, steam, ceramic, gas or metal emitters. Because the infrared heating tube can transfer a large amount of energy and accurately match the product material and shape, it is an ideal heating tool. It has the following advantages: Infrared radiation does not need to contact products, nor does it need to transfer media; The infrared heating tube can be accurately matched with the heated material, that is, it is effectively absorbed by the material; Fast response time, able to control heat output; It can heat the material locally or completely, control the heating area and control the heating time. Compared with hot gas heating, this means less energy consumption, faster heating speed and better heating effect. In order to achieve a successful heating process, it is important to select a suitable infrared heating tube whose wavelength, shape and power output should match the heated product.

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