Hoinfrared IR lamps

Infrared heating tubes are widely used in automobile paint baking lamps, heating equipment, baking tunnels, food baking and so on. The light source started by tungsten wire or carbon fiber coated quartz lamp tube with high-power power power supply generates infrared rays of various wavelengths, which are transmitted to the heated object. According to the size of the wavelength, infrared rays can be divided into short wave infrared, medium wave infrared and long wave infrared. The higher the temperature of the radiation source, the shorter the peak wavelength of radiation.
Because the infrared heating tube can transfer a lot of energy and accurately match the product material and shape, it is an ideal heating tool. It has the following advantages:
Infrared radiation does not need to contact products or transfer media;
The infrared heating tube can be accurately matched with the heated material, that is, it can be effectively absorbed by the material;
Fast response time, able to control heat output;
It can heat the material locally or completely, control the heating area and control the heating time.
Compared with hot gas heating, this means less energy consumption, faster heating speed and better heating effect.
In order to achieve a successful heating process, it is important to select a suitable infrared heating tube whose wavelength, shape and power output should match the heated product.
Accurate matching can ensure the rapid conversion of infrared radiation into heat in the product without transferring unnecessary heat to the surrounding area, and save time and money at the same time.

Infrared Heat lamps

High-power , high-efficiency heat source
Instant heat
Easy control
Low maintenance
Hoinfrared Infrared Efficient,economical heating for a wide range of industrial applications
Economical heat source (90% of energy is transmitted as infrared heat)
Heat can be focused by using reflectors
Clean,safe heating
Compact heat source


Paint drying in tunnels and body shops
Blowing of PETP bottles
plastics thermoforming
Heating of food and keeping it warm
Paper drying in paper mills
Drying of lacquer,printing inks
Pre-heating of wood prior to lacquering
Heat sterilization
Softening,melting of plastics
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