Wiring mode of infrared heating pipe

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The infrared heating tube will work only when it is powered on. Customers often ask whether the infrared heating tube has positive and negative electrodes?  How can the 220V heating pipe be connected to the 380V voltage? Let's briefly talk about the wiring mode of the infrared heating tube.
When the infrared heating tube is connected to the heating tube with a rated voltage of 220V and connected to 220V AC power, it can be directly connected without dividing the zero line. Make sure to tighten the screws of the connection terminals and do a good job of insulation.
When the infrared heating tube is connected to 380V industrial power, the voltage and zero live wire shall be confirmed first. It should be noted that if the rated voltage of the heating pipe is confused, the heating pipe will be burnt out or the power will be insufficient.

First of all, the connection mode of heating pipe with rated voltage of 380V is also called "triangle connection method". When connecting 380V heating tubes, first divide them into three groups according to the same number, and then connect the three groups of heating tubes hand to tail, so that there are three wire contacts between the heating tubes. Then connect the three wires of the three-phase power supply to the three contacts, and then take protective measures. In this process, it is necessary that the power and quantity of the three groups are consistent. 


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