The electric boiling water boiler with carbon fiber optical tube is better than that with ceramic heating tube

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It is always believed that scientific development will never stop. At the moment when energy saving and consumption reduction have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, people begin to pay attention to the energy consumption of equipment. As an electric boiled water boiler, it refers to whether to save electricity and energy. In addition to good thermal insulation, the electric boiled water boiler determines the energy consumption depends on the thermal efficiency of the electric heating pipe. Carbon fiber optical wavetubes have been developed in recent years. With the application of optical wavetubes in electric drinking water boilers, the thermal efficiency of electric drinking water boilers has been improved.

The highlights of carbon fiber optical waveguide are as follows:

1. High electrothermal conversion rate
The light wave heating element is made of pure black material. During the electrothermal conversion process, the generated light is mostly 2.5-13um, the visible light is small, the luminous flux is small, and the electrothermal conversion rate is as high as 95%.

2. Power on and temperature rise rapidly
The high thermal conductivity of carbon fiber in the fiber direction of the optical wave heating element makes it have good thermal conductivity, which is 1.6 times that of pure copper and 2.7 times that of aluminum. Therefore, as a heating energy, it shows obvious characteristics of rapid temperature rise and small thermal lag.

3. High electrothermal conversion
When the light wave heating element works, the main heat transfer form is heat radiation. According to Wien Gretchen displacement law, if the wavelength of light emitted by the heating body is between 0.8-40um of electromagnetic wave length and the wavelength of thermal radiation, the shorter the wavelength of thermal radiation generated, the higher the surface temperature of the heating body. 90% of the wavelength generated by the carbon fiber heater is located in the infrared region of 2.5-13um thermal radiation wavelength, so its electrothermal conversion rate is above 90%, so the energy saving effect is remarkable.

4. Far infrared heating
The energy emission mode of the light wave heating element is mainly far-infrared radiation. The far-infrared radiation efficiency reaches more than 70%. After the light wave element is powered on, it will radiate infrared heat that can heat the material. The infrared radiation wavelength is 2.3-14um.

5. Safety, green and environmental protection
Most of the light generated by the light wave heating element after being electrified is far infrared, with little visible light, no light pollution, no irritation to eyes and burning skin. There is no ultraviolet radiation and harmful gas, only far-infrared radiation, no high-frequency radiation, no microwave and electromagnetic wave, and it has the ability to absorb harmful light waves.

6. It can be used in special working environment
The carbon fiber wire of the heating tube is sealed in the quartz tube, and the quartz material is a very good acid resistant material, equivalent to 30 times of the acid resistant ceramic and more than 100 times of the stainless steel.

Based on the above advantages, it is said that the electric boiling water boiler of carbon fiber optical wave tube is better than the electric boiling water boiler of ceramic heating tube.


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