Graphene infrared heating tube---a new infrared heating element

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In production and daily life, people often use heating equipment for heating, drying, physical therapy, etc. However, traditional heating methods are no longer able to meet people's needs for energy-saving and efficient heating.

Traditional heating methods mainly rely on heat conduction and convection, requiring a medium as the carrier of heat, resulting in slow heating speed and significant heat loss. The efficient infrared heating method is that the infrared directly reaches the interior and surface of the object for drying, with minimal heat loss, energy conversion rate exceeding 90%, and uniform heating.

Graphene infrared heating tube is a brand new infrared heating element developed with new materials for high-temperature and medium wave infrared heating application scenarios. Graphene works electrically in a sealed packaging environment, with a maximum temperature of over 800°C and an electrical infrared conversion efficiency of over 90%. After being electrified, it can efficiently generate infrared medium waves, and heat the materials required for heating in a high energy density, high temperature, and high infrared flux manner.

The graphene infrared heating tube adopts an innovative design and packaging method for the heating core, which can overcome the problems of power changes and low infrared medium wave conversion rate caused by the oxidation of graphene materials at high temperatures. In frequent on/off and long-term continuous operation, the power is stable within a certain tolerance range and will not generate any instantaneous power impact. It has the advantages of fast heating up, high power, a service life of 10000+ hours, strong resistance to high temperature and high heat, and almost no power attenuation during long-term use.

Infrared graphene heating tubes can be widely used in various household appliances, heating and infrared health fields such as heaters, air heaters, bathtubs, ovens, light ovens, infrared physical therapy and beauty instruments. They can also be used in various drying channels, food ovens, etc.


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