Contrast between infrared heating tubes and electric heating tubes

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Recently, many customers have asked whether they should opt for infrared heating tubes, and inquired about the advantages of infrared heating tubes when compared to electric heating tubes. Today, we will address these queries.

1. Heating principle

Infrared heating tubes use infrared radiation for heating, which can quickly heat without contact. They have the advantages of efficient energy utilization and fast heating speed.

Electric heating tubes generate heat by heating resistance wires with an electric current, which has a slightly lower heating efficiency but can achieve more precise temperature control.

2. Different thermal efficiency

Infrared heating tubes can directly convert electrical energy into infrared, with fast heating speed and high thermal efficiency. Therefore, they can quickly heat and instantly stop heating, suitable for industrial production that requires frequent heating control; The electric heating tube is reliable and stable, but relatively speaking, its thermal efficiency will decrease.

3. Applicable scope

Infrared heating tubes are suitable for situations where rapid heating is required. Electric heating tubes are suitable for precise temperature control applications. At the same time, electric heating tubes have high power and a wide range of applications, which can be used for different heating needs.

4. Heating method

Infrared heating tubes directly radiate and heat without touching objects, which is relatively energy-saving; Electric heating pipes are usually in direct contact with the heating element, which is a waste of energy.


Therefore, in terms of heating speed, thermal efficiency, applicability, and heating method, infrared heating tubes and electric heating tubes each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Users need to choose the appropriate heating method based on their heating needs.


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