What are the characteristics of ruby carbon fiber infrared heat lamps?

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The ruby carbon fiber infrared heating lamps uses a black red quartz tube as the outer tube. Compared with ordinary transparent tubes, it enhances the transmittance and thermal effect of shortwave infrared rays, and effectively intercepts harmful ultraviolet rays and dazzling visible light to the human body.


Ruby carbon fiberinfrared heating lamps can convert near-infrared light into far-infrared light, improving the utilization rate of light. Because the wavelength is controlled around 0.76-25um for infrared radiation, users can choose different wavelength heating tubes based on the material and physical characteristics being heated, or choose different wavelength heating tubes to form the best combination plan.


Ruby carbon fiber infrared heating lamps can improve the conversion rate of light and further enhance the far-infrared heating effect. After being powered on for about 2-4 seconds, they can operate at full power, rapidly and accurately increase and decrease temperature.


During the working process, the ruby carbon fiber infrared heating lamps can be absorbed by water molecules in the air to produce a resonant frictional heat effect, achieving a rapid increase in the heating environment temperature. Especially, it can effectively activate human tissue cells, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, enhance immunity, and also have effects such as deodorization, dehumidification, and antibacterial.


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