Energy saving renovation of infrared heating for traditional heating tube lacquering machine

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The heating furnace currently uses traditional stainless steel heating tubes, which have a long wave radiation type and weak thermal radiation ability. They also lack directional radiation effects and have low energy consumption utilization rates. In order to utilize thermal energy more efficiently, save electricity costs, reduce the total power of the hot furnace, and shorten the hot furnace time, infrared medium wave heating tubes and variable frequency energy-saving electronic control systems are used to achieve an energy-saving effect of 15%.

Transformation measures

1) Adopting efficient medium wave infrared radiation heating tubes, using nano reflective coatings and appropriately adding reflective covers to reduce back loss and improve radiation heating effect;

2) Equipped with a dedicated infrared frequency conversion temperature control system, matched with an infrared heating tube, uninterrupted constant temperature heating, reducing switch impact, extending service life, and saving energy consumption.


Transformation advantages


Energy saving

Expected energy savings of ≥ 15%


Heating length

The original machine is 600mm, shortened to 150mm (precise heating, reducing unnecessary heating parts)

Temperature control method

Originally, it was a on-off heating system, but after the renovation, it adopted a frequency conversion precision temperature control (with a temperature control accuracy of ± 2 ℃) and uninterrupted radiation energy output control to ensure heating consistency.

Other advantages

Targeted radiation reduces the consumption of lubricating oil, reduces the total power of the heat engine by 20%, and shortens the heating time by more than 30%; Simply install in a single layer, reducing the number of heating pipes and maintenance costs.

Operating mode

Remove cumbersome button operations and add integrated human-machine interface touch screen control, which can adjust the temperature as a whole or independently. One click operation reduces manual debugging time.



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