Introduction to Gold Infrared Heating Lamp

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Product Features

1. The light is soft and does not irritate the eyes.

The product adopts a special process to repeatedly coat the transparent lamp tube with a golden reflective coating, which can significantly reduce visible light, reduce UV output, and avoid eye irritation.

2. Fast heat conduction.

Plating increases the intensity of infrared radiation, and people can feel warmth within a few seconds of turning on the switch.

3. Concentrated heat, high thermal efficiency.

Under the same electrical energy supply, gold-plated heating tubes convert almost all electrical energy into heat. This increases thermal efficiency and saves a lot of energy.

4. Long service life, with an average of over 5000 hours.

 No instantaneous current impact, no ballast required for ignition point, and no pulse current impact during startup, simplifying the lighting power supply and protection circuit, and extending the service life of the power supply and related electrical appliances.



Application scope:

Applicable industries: painting, printing and dyeing, food, electronics, textile, wood, paper, automotive, plastic, furniture, shoemaking, metal, heat treatment, packaging machinery, heating, etc.

Suitable heating objects: plastic, paper, paint, paint, air, textiles, cardboard, printed circuit board, leather, rubber, oil, ceramics, glass, etc.


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