Advantages of Far Infrared Heaters[ like the sun]

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Have you ever felt chilly while standing in the shade but feel nice and toasty once you step into the sunlight? This is because infrared light from the sun is absorbed by your skin and clothing and, therefore, warms your body.


Infrared heaters work much like the sun. They emit infrared light, invisible to the naked eye, which is absorbed by you and the objects in the room. To product the infrared light they use a series of coils and a reflector to direct the light outward. The absorption of this light warms your body.


1.  Instant Heat

Infrared heaters start emitting infrared light as soon as they are turned on and since they are warming bodies and objects and not the air they take almost no time to get you warm.


2. Quiet

Since these heaters use light to warm you, they do not have to have a fan and therefore are much quieter than heaters with fans.


3. Efficient

There is almost no waste with these heaters as they heat only the objects and people they are directed at and not whole rooms or areas.


4. Environmentally Friendly

Infrared heaters are a clean heat source. They do not release any pollutants to the environment. They do not utilize any fossil fuels nor burn any wood to produce their heat.


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