Application of infrared heating in the printing industry (technology flow)

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Using infrared heating will allow ink to penetrate the paper faster. The degree of optimization of absorption depends on the type of paper, the choice of infrared wavelength, and is related to the wavelength of the infrared lamp and the characteristics of the absorption curve of the water matrix or ink solvent.

When using shortwave radiation heating, a good cooling system is needed. It is recommended not to completely remove the moisture from the paper to avoid the problem of paper shrinkage.

Infrared heating technology can be used for all traditional ink printing (water based and solvent based). Infrared radiation can greatly reduce the viscosity of ink, making it easy to quickly fix it on paper during the printing process. The biggest advantage of using infrared radiation heating is highlighted in color printing. Of course, except for designs that require UV curing, UV technology is required.

Compared with printing equipment using infrared technology, printing equipment using ultraviolet radiation is smaller but has a faster production speed, thus also having energy-saving advantages.

Whether using infrared or ultraviolet technology, a good printing process must ensure that the printed material is completely dry before stacking, cutting, folding, or bonding.


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