Features of semi gold-plated heating tubes

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1. Fast reaction time

The product can achieve 100% heat output in 1-2 seconds and cool down very quickly.

2. New heating methods

Directly heating an object in a vacuum environment without heating the surrounding air. 100% avoids the loss of heat transfer between the heat source and the heating object in traditional heating methods.

3. Good reflection effect

The semi gold-plated heating tube uses advanced reflective materials, advanced equipment and manufacturing processes, which can reflect 90% of the infrared radiation of the lamp tube in the opposite direction, thereby maximizing the utilization of infrared radiation output and achieving energy-saving effects.

4. Clean, Green, and Safe

Using high-quality quartz pipes, it will not cause corrosion or detachment, and will not produce harmful gases or odors to the heating object and environment. High quality quartz pipes belong to high-temperature resistant materials, which will not cause tube explosion and have a very high safety level.

5. Easy to control

The lamp tube has the characteristic of extremely small thermal inertia, which allows for quick control of the heating process. The heating process (module) can be set arbitrarily with 0-100% power output, thereby achieving good temperature control effect.


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