4W~8W Ultraviolet Ozone Tube with Lamp Stand

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4W~8W Ultraviolet Ozone Tube with Lamp Stand Wattage : 4W/8W Size:   φ15.5mm*T5*136mm/288mm Area: 4 Square meter/8 Square meter    

4W~8W Ultraviolet Ozone Tube with Lamp Stand(图1)

4W~8W Ultraviolet Ozone Tube with Lamp Stand(图2)

4W~8W Ultraviolet Ozone Tube with Lamp Stand(图3)

Notice: UVC Ray is harmful to eyes and skin, don't look at the lamp when it 's light up. People/pet/plants can`t expose to the light . After use, because the lamp killed a lot of bacteria in the room, please open the windows and doors, allow the room to ventilate 15-30 minutes then enter Packing include: 1 set UV Ultraviolet Lamp


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