Precautions for installation of IR heat lamp

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1. The infrared electric heating tube must be handled with care during loading, unloading and handling;

2. Description of important matters in the installation of infrared heating tubes

2.1 The quartz glass of the insulating shell of the infrared electric heating tube is a brittle material without any elastic space. Actions should be gentle, serious, and patient when installing, and don't be impatient or brutal;

2.2 When installing, pay special attention to the closed end of the suction hole not to be damaged (it will be scrapped directly after damage). After installation, carefully check whether the closed end of the suction hole is damaged. If it is damaged, it must be replaced in time.

2.3 Pay attention to safety during installation to avoid skin damage due to quartz glass damage;

2.4 When installing the infrared heating tube, pull the power cords at both ends gently, do not pull it forcefully.

2.5 When using metal pipe clamps to fix the circular porcelain base (the circular porcelain cap is fixed on the quartz glass tube with glue), ensure that the circular porcelain base has a certain movement space in the metal pipe clamp (to prevent the occurrence of metal pipe clamps at high Strain, produce mechanical damage, cause the quartz glass tube to rupture under force, shorten the service life of the infrared electric heating tube).

3. When installing, take the necessary protective measures according to the equipment's own conditions and the specific conditions of the heated object (such as electric heating pipes need shock-proof protection measures, such as reducing the instability of the voltage, and ensuring that the pipe clamps of the electric heating pipes are fixed at high temperatures. The device is not deformed, etc.) in order to avoid mechanical damage to the electric heating tube and frequent unstable operation caused by frequent changes in voltage, which will affect its service life.

4. The use environment of the infrared electric heating tube must be dry and clean. Do not avoid the use of environmental dust or floating dust to cover the surface of the electric heating tube, resulting in poor heat dissipation effect of the electric heating tube and shortening the service life.

5. To improve the efficiency of infrared heat radiation, it is best to match the aluminum or stainless steel reflector, or the half surface of the infrared electric heating tube is plated with gold or white (customizable).

6. Attention: Infrared electric heating tube can be used for acid and alkali heating, but not suitable for heating containing hydrofluoric acid solution and strong alkali solution.


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