The importance of air circulation during infrared heating

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In the process of heating and drying moisture, fans must be used, such as grain drying We use a fan to form a gas circulation to take away the water evaporated during the drying process, which can realize heating and drying. 


The heat dissipation is mainly divided into the overall heat dissipation of the sheet metal, the most important is the heat dissipation of the internal reflector. The overall heat dissipation of the sheet metal, the shell temperature will basically be maintained at about 50 degrees to avoid scalding accidents. The cooling of the upper reflector can prevent the mirror layer from being on the one hand. It turns yellow and dark at high temperature, reducing the reflectivity. On the one hand, it also cools the lamp tube wall through the mesh on the reflector. On the one hand, the cooling of the tube wall can extend the life of the lamp used in a high-temperature environment to a certain extent, and on the other hand, it can be used to coat the tube. The lamp coating is cooled to prevent the coating from overheating, peeling, and cracking, and reduce the infrared radiation efficiency.

Air circulation is mainly an infrared heating process. There will be a heat collection effect in the center of the module, and the intermediate temperature will be higher than the ambient temperature. Therefore, we need a certain amount of air circulation to reduce the heat accumulation in the middle part and make the heat in the heating area as even as possible. Decentralized. Therefore, a reasonable choice of fans is very important for infrared heating!


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