Q2: What are the advantages of infrared heating technology?

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Industrial heating technology using infrared radiation has many features and advantages:

1. The infrared heating speed is very fast.

Since the energy of infrared light is directly absorbed by the material molecules, and the energy density of infrared light is very large, the temperature of the surface of the object will soon increase.This speed is much higher than the speed of conduction and convection. The latter requires molecular collisions, which are transferred level by level through the conversion of kinetic energy and potential energy.

2. Infrared heating is surface heating.

Infrared radiation heats the surface of the object very quickly, so there will be a large temperature difference between the surface and the inside of the object.For the purpose of quickly heating the surface of an object, this is a very big advantage, because it will not cause a large change in the temperature of the material body.It saves energy and at the same time does not have a big impact on the humidity, chemical properties, stress, etc. of the logistics body.

3. Infrared heating has a certain degree of penetration.

Infrared photons can penetrate the surface of an object to a certain depth. When molecules within this depth absorb infrared light, they heat up from the inside to the outside at the same time. This has great advantages over conduction and convection, not only the heating speed is fast, but also to a large extent to avoid the phenomenon of skinning and blistering due to the closed surface.

4. Infrared heating is selective.

The infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum used for heating can be divided into short wave (0.8um-1.4um), medium wave (1.5um-3.5um) and long wave (3.5-10um). Different materials have different infrared absorption bands and different heating efficiency. The penetration ability of infrared rays of different wavelengths is also different. Therefore, the type and quantity of infrared lamps used can be selected according to the characteristics of the material, thickness, heating purpose, etc. to make the optimal design.

5. Personalized design of infrared radiator.

 Infrared radiators can be made in many different personalized designs, and the shape, size, power, wavelength, etc. can be changed according to the heating requirements to meet the heating purpose.

Based on the above characteristics, the infrared heating method has obvious advantages compared with the traditional hot blast stove (convection) or conduction heating:

1. Fast and efficient, improve quality. The high energy density of infrared and the selectivity of wavelength matching can greatly shorten the heating process and avoid quality problems caused by long-term heating.

2. Energy saving. Compared with traditional electric heating hot blast stove, direct infrared heating can greatly save energy. For boilers using coal and natural gas, the low-temperature flameless catalytic gas infrared system can still save a lot of energy and is more environmentally friendly and safer.

3. Environmental protection. Infrared radiators use electric energy or fully burned gas, and no exhaust gas is emitted.

4. Save space. The volume of the infrared heating furnace is less than half of the traditional hot air furnace. In general, it can save about 60% of space

5. Easy to control. The infrared heating system can accurately control the temperature through the intelligent control system and respond quickly. Helps improve quality and save energy.

6. Simple and safe operation and maintenance.


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